About Us

Our Vision:
To give you more free time

Technology has made our lives easier – from booking transport to ordering food, everything is just a click away. We believe booking help for your home should be as easy. That’s why we have created helpling. Through our website and mobile app you can book a trusted local cleaner within just a few clicks. And while your home is being made spotless, you can enjoy more free time.

Our History:

Helpling is a dynamic startup company headquartered in the heart of Berlin. It took the founders, Benedikt Franke and Philip Huffmann, less than 80 days to bring their idea to market. In April 2014, Helpling launched in Germany and, two months later, the new online service was already available in Austria, France, Sweden and the Netherlands. Today Helpling is available in more than 150 cities and is the most widely-available platform for home cleaning.

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Our Team in Australia

Shortly after the decision to launch in Australia, Helpling opened a Sydney office for business services and marketing. On September 9, 2014, Helpling went live with its local website, and the first home was cleaned in Australia’s largest city soon after. From their offices in North Sydney, the Helpling team has already managed to provide its service to hundreds of Sydney and Melbourne homes. The local team is eager to make these services available to every Australian home with current plans to expand to other major cities.

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